Horseback Riding Adventures


Costa Rican Criollo horses, health certified, are available for a safe riding adventure that your family will never forget. During the tour, we try to keep you in the shade as much as possible, while giving you striking views. More importantly, we want to give you a chance to see the abundant wildlife in the area, which includes monkeys, birds, coatis, wild pigs, iguanas, deer, butterflies, and many more.

After signing a waiver and questionnaire regarding your physical condition, we will guide you to the corrals where the horses are kept for your adventure. There you will receive instructions on safety and on proper horseback riding to maximize your enjoyment. Our friendly and knowledgeable guides will continue to supply adequate instruction for a comfortable and secure ride during the tour. You will also be provided with helmets, insect lotion, and cold water.

The horseback riding tours last approximately one and a half hours.