Zip-line Tours


Our zip-line courses were designed by experts using the highest quality materials and the strictest safety standards. No matter how much we grow as a company, we continue to maintain and improve upon WRCT’s operations and facilities including the Zip-line Tours. Maintenance and safety are our highest priority.

Our Original Zip-line Tour has 24 platforms, 11 cables from 100 to 450 meters in length, 3 suspension bridges, 3 climbing threes with pulley systems for safety. We also have 5 exit routes in case a person does not want to complete the tour. The complete tour lasts approximately one and a half hours.

Our New Zip-line and Repelling Tour was designed to allow a child or older adult to enjoy zip-lining on a smaller scale. This tour lasts only an hour and will give you the option to experience repelling on the final platform.

A zip-line tour is an adventure activity and attraction not unlike surfing, skydiving, parasailing, horseback riding, etc. Adventure activities and attractions inherently can never be 100% without any element of danger no matter what safety measures are put in place. For this reason we warn all guests of the inherent dangers and require them to sign liability waivers and continue to improve upon the safety measures already in place.